Founder’s Page

September 30, 2021

L.G. Lyle, Founder

L.G. Lyle founded The Lyle Company in 1989 with a simple and clear focus – provide outstanding service to the client. From the success of those first few search rings in the Seattle market, L.G. was rewarded with opportunity to grow his business guided by that simple mission of providing outstanding service to the clients.

Beginning in 1989 with McCaw Cellular, the company completed 60 site acquisition and zoning projects for McCaw that year. This was the beginning of a long business relationship with McCaw Cellular, and later AT&T Wireless and other carriers.

By 1994, L.G. had managed the build-out of the first cellular system in Las Vegas by Cellular One, and then worked in North Carolina leasing the first 25 cell sites to be built for Sprint Cellular. L.G. was invited by Cellular One to contract for leasing, zoning, and construction management.

L.G. and The Lyle Company are honored to have been an integral part of the growth and success of the wireless industry over the past 30-plus years, and look forward to playing a supportive role in the accomplishments of the industry for many years to come. L.G. is currently retired.